The Power of Garcinia Cambogia

Over the years there has been an endless stream of weight loss supplements and miraculous fad diets that people have fallen for. Whenever we hear that there’s some new magical key to the secret of weight loss, we take it with a grain of salt. They rarely do what they say they can do, but worse, they often pose a threat to your health. But when something gets as much attention as Garcinia Cambogia extract has, it’s hard not to take notice.

Surprisingly, this is something that we have found to be the real deal. Better yet, it’s completely natural – assuming you buy a quality product and not something offered by affiliates just trying to make a quick buck. Research has proven over and over again that Garcinia works.

Just like with Lipodrene last decade, everyone started talking about Garcinia Cambogia after it was showcased on the oh-so-popular Dr. Oz show. He referred to it as the “Holy grail of weight loss”. True, he seems to showcase a new miracle for your health on every single show. True, we wouldn’t count him as the #1 doctor to turn to for advice. But after doing our own research, we have to agree with him… Folks, Garcinia Cambogia is the REAL DEAL if you want to lose weight, eat less and do so naturally.

thumbsup_2Why We Give Garcinia Two Thumbs Up

First of all, it is the only one we’ve found with this powerful combination: Both a super strong fat burner that starts working almost immediately AND an appetite suppressant AND something that prevents new fat from forming. When you consider all three of those working together you can see just why it’s the hottest weight loss supplement on the market today.

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

According to, This extract is created from the rind of tamarind fruit. This little fruit kind of looks like a baby pumpkin. It’s originally native to Africa, although because it’s used for a large variety of purposes, is now cultivated in a number of tropical and subtropical locations. Some places it can be found include Indonesia, central Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

The extract that’s pulled from the thin rinds of the fruit contain something called Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). When taken, it suppresses your appetite and blocks sugar and fat. Fat cells have a hard time forming when HCA is present, which is one reason it’s referred to as a miracle weight loss pill.

lady-losing-weight3 Ways Garcinia Helps You Lose Weight

Garcinia helps you lose weight, but also promotes better overall health. In addition to weight loss, you can also expect to see a reduction in bad cholesterol. Research has found that there are three main reasons why Garcinia Cambogia works:

  • It prevents your liver from transforming sugar and fats you eat into fat cells
  • It helps control emotional eating because it improves your mood through the increase of serotonin levels
  • It reduces the amount of free fatty acids, triglycerides and phospholipids due to its flavonoids

Double or Even Triple Your Weight Loss!

In studies, participants were able to achieve double and even triple the amount of weight lost when they started taking Garcinia. In addition to preventing fat cells from forming, it’s extremely powerful because of the increase in serotonin levels. When you use it, you’re likely to experience an overall improvement in your mood and sleeping patterns. It helps you control emotional eating, cravings and snacking. This naturally helps lead you to healthier eating habits.


Help for Choosing the Right Garcinia Cambogia

The most important thing to do when buying Garcinia is simple: READ the label. It may seem like common sense, but many people buy without really knowing what they’re buying. You have to be careful about this, especially if you’re going to buy it online. Look at the ingredients. Look at the amount of HCA it has. To be effective it needs…


bying garcinia onlineHCA is the magical key to Garcinia Cambogia. If the product you buy doesn’t contain a minimum of 50% HCA then it’s not a good product.

We wouldn’t recommend buying anything from someone trying to sell you Garcinia with less than that. They obviously don’t know what they’re doing or they don’t care – either way, that’s a bad sign.


After doing our own extensive research, there is a supplier that we recommend over all others. That is this particular Garcinia Cambogia product by NewLifeBotanical. You can get it on Amazon, too.


Click image for larger size to read label.

Reasons why we recommend it:

  • Contains at least of 50% HCA
  • Is 100% completely natural – ZERO filler ingredients
  • Gives you a minimum of 400mg per capsule
  • Has been PROVEN to be effective
  • Has NO additives, fillers and other low-quality ingredients
  • Comes with a no-hassle money-back guarantee