Dieting & Weight Loss

thin-feels-goodAre you still trying to find a weight loss supplement that will actually work? It can be frustrating, considering all the fake products out there and the ones that simply can’t deliver the results that they promise. One of the newest diet pills that we’ve looked into is called Garcinia Cambogia Extract and so far, it certainly is one of the most promising products in the industry. For a diet and weight loss supplement, there are four big things we like to look for: appetite suppressant, fat burning, fat blocking and of course that it’s safe with no dangerous side effects.

Reducing Hunger and Controlling Cravings

There is an enzyme that your body naturally produces, which is responsible for taking the food and sugars you eat and transforming them into fat. Garcinia extract helps prevent, or at least lower the levels of this enzyme in your body. Therefore, the foods that you eat aren’t being instantly transformed into fat almost right after you eat. Instead, it’s used as energy and burned off so you are essentially blocking new fat from forming.

Because the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that’s found in Garcinia slows down the absorption of sugars you eat, it helps you keep a healthier blood sugar level. If the foods you eat are being quickly transformed into fat, your body is then pumping out more insulin. This leads to higher insulin levels and more cravings. So not only are you blocking fat, but you’re reducing hunger and putting cravings in check.

Reviewing the Effectiveness of Garcinia on Weight Loss

Hopefully you can start to see just how powerful HCA can be for helping you lose weight. There isn’t any other supplement out there quite like it. Some will supposedly help you burn fat. Some will help you curb cravings and get your appetite under control. But there aren’t any others that have the same potent triple threat that Garcinia does when it comes to fat burning.

When you start using this new supplement, don’t be surprised if you hit the scales after a few days or a week and you don’t see much difference. That doesn’t mean it’s not working. I know, that sounds absurd. But let me finish and hear me out – you’ll see what I mean…

When people diet, they say they want to lose weight. But that really boils down to how much weight you think you need to lose. If it’s merely five or ten pounds, then you might be surprised. Even though the scale doesn’t seem to be saying you’ve lost weight, you’ll likely find that you’re starting to love how you look. Your clothes are fitting better or getting looser.

With Garcinia, it’s burning away fat. Not muscle. Not water weight for masking itself as a “fat burner”. So it’s very likely you won’t notice a lot of movement on the scale’s numbers. A lot of so called diet supplements on the market will simply cause water loss. Worse, with some you can even end up losing muscle mass. Muscle mass and water you want to keep. You only want to get rid of the fat.